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Course and Program Management

In an effort to ensure our curriculum remains effective, the Curriculum Committee has adopted a program of regular review of all formal educational activities. Each course or program will be reviewed every three years by a team of at least two faculty members selected by the Dean. The evaluation team will work with director(s) of a course or program to prepare an Evaluation Team Report which the team will then present to the Curriculum Office and Curriculum Committee.

Course Review Protocol

3 months before report to the Curriculum Committee

The Dean selects and evaluation team and notifies them and the director(s) of the course to be evaluated.

The Dean’s office sends the course director and evaluation team and copies of past Curriculum Committee reports regarding the course being reviewed, CBase evaluations of the course by students, and the relevant NBME list of topics included in their Step exams .

The course director(s) begin the Course Review Data Form.

2 month before report to the Curriculum Committee

The course director(s) finish the Course Review Data Form and submits it along with any course materials to the Curriculum Office which, in turn, copies and delivers them to the course evaluators.

The evaluators, using the Checklist for the Course Evaluation Team Report, analyze the course material and begin to prepare their report.

1 month before the report to the Curriculum Committee

The evaluators complete their report and share its finding with the course director(s) for response and, if necessary, revision. A copy of the draft should be sent to the Curriculum Office.

2 week before the Committee meeting

The evaluators complete an electronic version of their written evaluative summary and send it to the Curriculum Office ( After review by the Dean’s office, the report will be distributed to the Curriculum Committee members. The members will review the document before the meeting.

At the meeting

The Curriculum Committee members will have an opportunity to question course director and evaluation team members. The course director(s) will be asked to comment on the report as a whole and the recommendations made therein.

After review and acceptance

The Curriculum Committee will forward a copy of the report to the Dean and to the chair of the department(s) of the course director(s).

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